Hi Everyone,
I’m back today to review Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor. A book so magical and lovely it’s hard to describe, but I will do my best with no spoilers.

Strange the Dreamer is book one of what I believe is a duology (2 book series.) It mainly follows the story of a young man named Lazlo Strange. He grew up as an orphan raised by monks in Zosma, but he’s also had a complete fascination with the mysterious lost city known as Weep. Then miraculously the day arrives where he has an opportunity to find out what really happened to the lost city.

Like I said this is spoiler-free because I don’t want to ruin what is probably going to be my favorite book of the year. So, I won’t be talking about the details of the plot, but more about the structure, characters, and the writing itself.

The Basic Plot of Strange the Dreamer

At its heart Strange the Dreamer is a fantasy story, but not a typical one.

Our main character is not your typical hero. There isn’t a lot of magic, only a few distinct powers certain characters have. One character is even determined to find out the scientific workings of the world.

It’s a unique magical adventure.

We start in Zosma with Lazlo working as a junior librarian, when a man known as the God Slayer comes to town looking for people for a secret mission. They won’t know what they are to do until they get to Weep.

While that is the basic plot, there is a lot more to the story that I won’t go into, you’ll just have to read it.

Strange the Dreamer Characters

Each character is fully fleshed out, their personality traits make them each distinct. They each feel like a real person, and you will have an opinion about each of them, good and bad.

Our main characters stand out in the crowd, but the side characters don’t fall by the wayside. This is particularly the case on the journey from Zosma to Weep. We get a good glimpse at a lot of side characters and their individual journeys to this point.

You feel what they feel, and sometimes you just want to give them a big hug or slap them.

Laini Taylor’s Writing

If you’ve never read a book by Laini Taylor I highly recommend you rectify that immediately.

I swear she could make the dictionary a compelling magical story.

Her writing is lyrical and beautiful, you want to savor it but you also don’t want to put the book down. The words simply dance on the page and fill you with happiness.

I will read whatever she puts out next simply to read more of her writing, doesn’t matter what it’s about.

Go Forth and Read

If I haven’t made this clear enough, I thoroughly loved this book and give it a million stars.

If I haven’t managed to convince you yet to read it, I highly recommend you still give it a shot. I don’t think you’ll regret it.

Thank you for reading! If you have read it let me know what you thought in the comments!