Hi Everyone,
Today, I just want to share some thoughts I’ve been having about my creativity and how it is affected by technology. My ability to be creative now compared to what it used to be has been on my mind a lot lately. I’ve always considered myself to be a creative person. I spend a lot of time wandering around my own head.

However, particularly in the last few years, it feels like I have hit a wall.

I want to be creative and make the things I always have, but it feels like there’s an invisible force just stopping me. I’ve always been the person to write, draw, paint, and just create things. And not doing those things, honestly, kinda scares me. It makes me feel like I’m not myself.

I know, I probably just sound dramatic, but that’s how it feels. Especially, after my past two blog posts have been about art, this might seem a little out of the blue. But, that’s me pushing back against the lack of creativity I’ve been feeling.

Now let’s dive into it.

Creativity in the Past

Back in High School, I was probably at my most creative. I hung out with a lot of other artsy people and we would share our art and write with each other all the time. We would give each other suggestions and help each other out. There was just a creative atmosphere among us and it kept us making things.

We’re talking writing and drawing things all the time: before (and during) class, lunch, and whenever we had time. After all, we were just a bunch of weirdos who didn’t really fit in and art was our outlet. What else were we going to do?

Other than the creativity connection, we had very different outlooks on life, which drove some us apart before graduation. After graduation, we completely lost touch.  

In college, I never found quite the same creative dynamic. I definitely need creative people around me so we can draw from each other for inspiration and critique.

That’s easily the only thing I really miss about High School.

Technology in the Past

This may seem obvious, but there was a lot less technology readily available back in the day. Even less than 10 years ago.

Back in High School, my cell phone could call, text, play music, and take not great pictures. That was it. It didn’t even have a front facing camera. I didn’t even have a full keyboard until I was like 17, and I had that phone until last year at 22.

I also didn’t have my own computer; we shared one so I only had access at certain times. The time I did spend was mostly on sites like Fanfiction.net and DeviantArt, looking up other people’s work.

My point in telling you this is to show you that I wasn’t surrounded by as much technology as we are now. That means I had time to focus on other things like art and writing.

Creativity in the Past Five Years

Now let’s talk about after High School. So, I’m off to college and moving away from home for the first time. To say that my life massively changed is probably a huge understatement.

Surrounded by all new people, a new place, and school on top of it. I was a bit stressed. However, I did do some creative writing that first semester, and throughout my college career. Though some writing was for assignments, it was my major after all.

College was far from all butterflies and rainbows though, and a lot of the time I didn’t do much creatively at all.

Recent Technology

It ended up being easier to turn to all of the technology I had at my fingertips, then doing something creative.

Throughout college, I watched a lot of Netflix and spent a lot of time playing video games, which aren’t necessarily bad things.  Don’t get me wrong I enjoy both a lot, but the easy consumption of stories has made it difficult for me to come up with my own.

There is something so mindless about watching TV, not as much with video games. It’s like your brain isn’t active while you watch, you’re just watching, which just isn’t healthy.

To compare my technology access to before, I now have an Iphone, a TV with cable, Netflix, and Amazon Prime, an Xbox, a PS3, and a Laptop. I don’t share any of them with anyone else.

So safe to say, I’m using technology way more than I ever used to.

Final Thoughts

After everything, it has led us to now. I’ve decided I seriously need to take a step back from the screen jumping I do on a daily basis. Going from my phone, to the computer, to the TV and back needs to take some breaks. In those breaks, I need to create.

In the past month or so creating again has been therapeutic, and seeing people actually like my art is very encouraging.

Now, I’m not ditching technology completely that would be impossible, even if I wanted to. But, I will be spending less time staring at my screens.

I don’t think I said everything I wanted to, but I think I got my general point across.

Please let me know your thoughts on creativity and technology!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hey Jessie, great article. I totally agree with your view on technology. Its so easy to get up, turn the tv on or your computer or use your cell, its a distraction from the things around you. I am online a bit more lately as right now I just have the time but I am studying, reading, listening to music that I enjoy. I have been journalling since my younger years & I do not journal online I’m old fashion that way. Pen & paper. I write & write sometimes its just rambling but I also draw, I’m not good at drawing but I love to draw & color it relieves stress. Its amazing I’ll have the computer on playing some soft music (never use to like soft music lol)… I let the screen saver come on and then I go across the room and just do my thing with writing, reading, drawing or coloring. I could be going for hours lost in my own thoughts. Listening to music that is inspiring is very helpful to me, it changes depending on my moods. I love reading your blogs. Thank you for sharing. Love you

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