About Us

These days, who doesn’t need a writer?

Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered!

Wild Ideas at your service.

If you’re in need of amazing blog posts, web copy, social media, or that next great book idea, you’ve come to the right place. We also offer photography services.

Services we offer

Blog Posts/Management: Blogging is one of the biggest outlets on the internet, it’s how you communicate with your audience in a longer format than a tweet. If you have a website but don’t have a blog or have one you don’t update regularly, we can help. Rates start at 10 cents a word.

Social Media Management: Next, to blogging, social media has also become essential. Most people have at least account set up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and/or Pinterest. If you are looking to make your social media more active, we’ve got your back. Rates start at $20/hr for a few hours a week per platform.

Ghostwriting/Co-writing: While the above services are technically ghostwriting, here we are referring specifically longer format writing, such as e-books and physical books. If you have an idea for a book, but don’t have the time or the skill to do it, then we’re here to help. This can range from non-fiction specific interest books to the next great American novel. Rates start at 20 cents word since these are more in-depth projects.


Who is behind Wild Ideas

Writer: Jessica is the wordsmith around here. She is addicted to stories and is always looking for the next great one to grab her attention.  She has been working primarily in journalism for over 5 years and writing fiction since she could hold a pencil. Currently, she is working on a few big book projects and is aiming to query them later this year.

Photographer: Kurt is the best person in the world! No just kidding, but he is pretty great behind the lens of his camera.  He is our resident photographer and budding YouTuber. He loves taking pictures of just about anything, but is trying to focus most of his efforts on portrait photography.